All four of the Gotham Knights protagonists are fun and worth playing, but which of them brings the most to your gameplay? Each character is excellent, without a doubt, but for punishing villains, only one of them can be the best.

Since Batman isn’t a playable character, nor are other Bat Family members like Jean-Paul Valley or Cassandra Cain, it falls to one of these characters. However, when looking at all the positives and negatives of each character, Robin (Tim Drake) stands out as the best of the four.

Robin (Tim Drake) is hands-down the best character in Gotham Knights

Everyone in this game is good at something. Red Hood, for example, is awesome in ranged combat but is also a solid melee fighter. Nightwing is great in co-op and is for players who love awesome combos. Batgirl, on the other hand, is an outstanding all-rounder.

Tim Drake, however, is the current Robin in the Gotham Knights story. He’s likely the one that spent the most time with Batman at this point, but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to actual gameplay mechanics.


Best skills

  • Turnabout Takedown
  • Vantage Hanging Takedown
  • Slideways Takedown

Best momentum abilities

Robin is a master of stealth, so one can show up and fight whenever they decide it’s time. Individuals can’t always be stealthy in Gotham Knights, but when it’s time for it, they will always be prepared with Turnabout Takedown.

No matter the size of the foe, Robin is ready for that amazing takedown. He even has Batman’s iconic perch takedown thanks to Vantage Hanging Takedown. If that’s not enough, he can also teleport because of his Knighthood travel ability.


Slideways Takedown is yet another way in which he dominates enemies, by taking his target out instantaneously. His toolkit is stacked with useful abilities. He can become invisible, have a decoy, and so much more. Though Slideways Takedown takes some getting used to, mastering it will make Robin a force of nature in Gotham Knights.

When it comes to combat, he’s got the bo-staff, his slingshot, and the overall ability to easily stun his enemies. His staff in particular excels at taking out foes that surround him. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the number of foes in co-op, for example, and that heavy AOE swing is a solid solution to the problem.


With all of his elemental abilities, Robin is terrifying. He can mow through enemies with little to no problem, and when you pair that with his excellent range in combat, he can turn negative situations into positives with relative ease.

When it comes to co-op, he works well with everyone, though Nightwing is the real champ of co-op adventures. If I were to pick a second-place character, it would go to Batgirl. This is due to how easy it is to pick up and learn her character. Apart from this, she is also a decent all-round character to play as.

No matter who you pick though, you’ve made the right choice. If you enjoy the playstyle and are enjoying beating up villains in Gotham City, then that is what matters. When it comes down to stats and uses, Tim Drake as Robin is without a doubt, the best choice in Gotham Knights.

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