File Photo.

(Uma Kadam / BCCL, Mumbai)

Delhi and Mumbai seem to be competing yet again — this time for unseasonal rains and a break from sweltering summer temperatures.

After Delhi witnessed unexpected heavy showers and thunderstorms on Monday morning, Tuesday morning brought along a spell of light drizzles over parts of Mumbai. Rainfall was observed in Dadar, Sewri, Matunga, Parel and adjoining areas like Navi Mumbai, much to the delight of resident Mumbaikars.

As the wet weather caused a dip in mercury levels, netizens immediately took to Twitter, flooding the platform with memes on #MumbaiRains. Here’s a compilation of the best visuals and memes that are keeping the Twitterati entertained.

For the rest of the day, the Maharashtrian capital is likely to witness overcast conditions with chances of light showers in the evening or night. Further ahead, Mumbai may embrace the season’s first pre-monsoon showers this week, as per the IMD’s seven-day forecast.

As for the monsoon, its usual onset date for Mumbai falls on June 11, but it will be interesting to see if it arrives earlier this year, as some trends have been indicating.


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