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Struggling to get a good night of sleep? It might be time to change your pillow and the Carbon SnoreX™ is the solution! This specially designed pillow protects against allergens and bacteria has dual arm rests for the ultimate comfort, plus an Ice Cool Cover so you won’t overheat and always stay cool.

The Carbon Bamboo charcoal helps eliminate odors, absorbs excess moisture, and regulates temperature. Bamboo charcoal’s activated carbon can absorb toxins, helps prevent mold growth, and purifies air by absorbing bad odors and moisture to prevent bacterial growth. It’s also great to give you the best support to read a book, use your tablet or laptop with perfect comfortable support.

The Carbon SnoreX™ also provides the perfect support for neck & head to help reduce snoring and sweating. Relieve muscle fatigue, pain and soreness while you sleep with this pillow, which promotes proper spine alignment. The elimination of bacteria may also help to treat acne & prevent breakouts and aid the production of collagen.

Get the Carbon SnoreX™ today for only $45.99. Also available in a two pack.

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