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Wireless headphones are obviously great for listening to music, but also great for exercising and travel. Do you have days when it’s just a little too quiet working from home? Then wireless headphones could come in handy! The HIGHWAVE Quite Edition Wireless Headphones block out surrounding noise, so you can focus on what matters.

These headphones have a built-in Digital Noise-Canceling Engine in HIGHWAVE QE, so you can instantly enjoy the peace and quiet with one easy press. This is which is a great feature when when you’re traveling by train or plane, or just enjoying time alone. HIGHWAVE QE is compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices and supports APTX™ ultra-low latency audio.

Love to play video games on those rainy days? Then great news – video and sound are synchronized in real-time for smooth game playing and movie watching. One of the most important features of these headphones is the battery life. Enjoy up to 24 hours of continuous listening.

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