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Well, it’s official. Winter is here for the next eighty-some-odd days. And if you are lucky enough to have a backyard, deck, or patio space in your home, you have a big decision to make. You can either allow the cold weather to prevent you from enjoying this space. Or you can use a fire pit to transform your backyard, deck, or patio into an outdoor oasis that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy 12 months a year.

Creating a year-round outdoor oasis sounds pretty great. And if you’re not quite sure where to start, the folks at Outer can help.

Outer is an outdoor furnishings company founded on the idea that backyards, decks, and patios should not be an afterthought. With most of us spending 90 percent of our days indoors, Outer’s mission is to help customers rediscover the simple luxuries that outdoor spaces have to offer. And if you’re looking for a way to make your outdoor space an inviting place to relax and gather during cold weather months, you need to take a look at Outer’s gorgeous and versatile fire pit tables.

Whether you just want to stay warm and cozy while reading a book, or you want a safe way to entertain friends and family in the dead of winter, these Outer fire pit tables could very well change your life. And the best part? Outer offers 0% APR financing for 24 months to those who qualify. So turning your backyard, deck, or patio into a luxurious winter retreat doesn’t have to break the bank.

Ready to start fantasizing about your chic winter get-togethers? Then you should keep scrolling.

Outer Fire Pit Table with Ceramic Balls

Stay warm and cozy this winter with this stunning multifunctional backyard fire pit. With a sleek minimalist design that will suit any aesthetic and a body made of solid concrete, this piece will become the hub of your backyard hangouts and family gatherings for years to come. The ceramic stone spheres are specifically designed to add visual interest while also directing heat outward and serving as a wind guard that maximizes fuel efficiency. CSA-approved for safe fuel burning, this propane fire pit ignites gently and smoothly with the turn of a nob.

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Outer Fire Pit Table Complete Set

Looking to do more than keep warm with your Outer Fire Pit Table? Then the Fire Pit Table Complete Set is for you. In addition to the beautiful table and ceramic balls, you also get a built-in but easily removable grill and griddle cooktop, plus a stylish propane tank cover. With this setup, hosts will never be stuck in the kitchen or tied to the grill again. Instead, they and their guests can cook, socialize, and eat around the fire pit together.

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