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The Google Pixel 5a 5G price, carrier bonuses, and promo video leak

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Today may be the day Google will have a Pixel 5a announcement, if yesterday’s leak is corroborated by the team from Mountain View with a press release later in the day. 

Judging from last year’s Pixel 4a unveiling, Google may simply issue a press release and a blog post pre-lunch Pacific time, and call it a day, immediately announcing the Pixel 5a specs, pricing, and availability for all to see.

Google Pixel 5a price and order bonus

The Google Fi listing prematurely spills the bean on the incentives that the carrier will provide on your Pixel 5a purchase. The bonuses read: “Subscribe & save $233 over 2 years. Get a Pixel 5a (5G), device protection, and a phone upgrade after 2 years, all for just $15/mo.

On Google Fi’s 2-year installment schedule, the $15 monthly amount to $360 outlay on your part. Google’s device protection insurance is $6 a month, adding $144 to the cited $233 savings, and the remaining $89 of it is the savings on the phone price itself. 

Adding those to your $360 monthly payments total over two years returns $449, or exactly the rumored Pixel 5a price. There you have it, there will barely be a phone in the US that can rank as high as Google’s upcoming budget king in terms of photography prowess at this price tag.
  • 6.4″ FHD+ display
  • Snapdragon 765G
  • 6GB RAM
  • 4680 mAh battery

While you wait for Google to wake up and announce the Pixel 5a from Mountain View, watch its first promo ad, straight outta Japanese carrier SoftBank, that sort of confirms the rumored rubbery finish of the body as well.


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