India’s Virat Kohli plays a shot during the T20 World Cup cricket match between India and Pakistan at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday, October 23.

(Photo: IANS/Nasir Abdullah)

Wednesday, October 26: After a thrilling victory over neighbours and arch-rivals Pakistan, the Indian cricket team is now set to take on the Netherlands in its second T20 World Cup Super 12 fixture. The match will be played at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground on Thursday (October 27), amid what should be pleasant weather conditions.

According to The Weather Channel’s met team, temporary drizzles are possible until a few hours before the match begins at 6 pm local time (12:30 pm Indian time). But the game itself is likely to start under patchy clouds only, without any rainfall.

The skies will remain partly cloudy for the first two to three hours of the match, and then start clearing gradually. Accordingly, the probability of precipitation will also drop from 24% during cloudy conditions to a mere 7% during clear skies.

Similarly, the temperatures will also dip as the evening progresses. The mercury will remain around 20-21°C between 6 to 8 pm local time (12:30 to 2:30 pm IST), and then drop below the 20°C mark, falling as low as 17°C by midnight (6:30 pm IST).

Furthermore, the relative humidity will remain close to a comfortable 70% while the winds will blow at speeds of 13-15 kmph. Overall, the weather should make for pleasant playing conditions for both sets of players.

In theory, such overcast and moist conditions favour the bowlers — especially the fast bowlers — as they tend to have some effect on ball swing and movement. However, an insidesport report has indicated that the pitch will side with the batters and open up further as the match progresses, thereby favouring the team that bats second.


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