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Sabrent Rocket X5 PCIe Gen5 SSD storage breaks 12398 MB/s in sequential read speed

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Rocket X5 is based on PCIe Gen5 M.2 2280 specs

Sabrent crosses 12GB/s read speed with their next-gen storage.

Sabrent Rocket X5, Source: Sabrent

When the first SSDs with PCIe Gen5 interface have entered the market with 10 GB/s read speeds, one could have imagined that eventually this speed will go higher. In fact, a company named Sabrent is read to announce even faster storage already.

The new storage is still under development, so one should not expect it to reach the stores any time soon. However, the company has already made some internal tests and expects this solid-state storage to be offered as soon as it is ready.

Their Rocket X5 SSD with NVMe M.2 interface will reach 12398 MB/s read and 11845 MB/s of sequential write speeds (as per CristalDiskMark). This is even faster than AORUS, Inland or SSTC storage, which were all locked to 10 GB/s speeds. The Rocket X5 would be in a tight fight against TeamGroup’s Cardea Z540 storage though, which is already advertised for 12 GB/s as well.

Sabrent revealed that they expect to surpass those speeds eventually. The company writes that they aim to improve and increase the performance as high as possible. TweakTown notes that the company’s track record in creating high-performance SSDs, proves that this should be well within their reach.

Source: TweakTown


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