Breaking an expensive piece of tech is nothing anyone wants to think about… until they have to. And some gadgets are more susceptible to accidentally suffering damage than others. 

Wearables, in particular, are one of the most vulnerable tech items so investing in some form of insurance is generally prudent. 

This is especially true when it comes to very expensive wearables, like the Apple Watch Ultra. The latter made its debut alongside the iPhone 14 lineup earlier this week, and is set to launch on September 23rd. Pre-orders begin later today. 

The Apple Watch Ultra costs a whopping $799, making it Apple’s most expensive wearable to date. Repair costs will also set an unpleasant record of their own, however. 

Users can expect to pay about $499 for repairing an Apple Watch Ultra, reports MacRumors in a dedicated article. This fee is applicable in circumstances where the case, display, sensors and/or buttons have been damaged. 
The repair fee is more than the price of some new higher-end Apple Watch 8 models, which is a nasty surprise in and of itself. According to an article by the Verge, the main reason for the whopping price tag is the inherent difficulties associated with repairing a small, entirely glued-together wearable. 

Luckily, there is some silver lining. AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch Ultra is available for just $99, or $4.99 per month. With the service, the repair fee goes down significantly to just $79. 

The Apple Watch Ultra has a very specific target audience in mind – athletes and very active individuals who tend to spend their time outdoors. Given the nature (pun intended) of the  lifestyles of the users that would likely be interested in buying an Apple Watch Ultra, the odds of accidental damage are even higher. 

AppleCare+ could give them some peace of mind, and is, thus, worth considering.