Here’s our latest weather outlook for India

5-Day Nationwide Forecast

Rainy weather brought by onshore winds from the Arabian Sea will continue in the Konkan and Malabar coasts. However, the activity of the southwest monsoon in this area will be in a lull from Saturday.

Heavy rain will occur mainly in the Highlands for the next three days because the cyclonic circulation in Odisha will continue to move westward over the Central Highlands and to northwestern Madhya Pradesh on Sunday. Thereafter, areas of significant rain will move to northern Madhya Pradesh and much of Uttar Pradesh, as the winds will converge over Uttar Pradesh until Tuesday.

Therefore, northern Madhya Pradesh will receive heavy rains from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon, and much of Uttar Pradesh will experience the same weather conditions from Tuesday morning to Wednesday dawn.

Moreover, from Tuesday afternoon, a vast cyclonic circulation centred near the national border between Afghanistan and Pakistan will form. In relatively low altitude areas of the Western Himalayan region, which will be located on the east side of the CC, significant orographic precipitation is expected due to hot and humid southwesterly winds. Jammu and northwestern Himachal Pradesh will be in for heavy showers from Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, as per the IMD, fairly widespread to widespread rainfall with isolated heavy to very heavy falls are on the cards over Gujarat state on July 24-26, with isolated extremely heavy falls possible over the Gujarat region on July 25.

Also, very light to light rainfall at isolated places will continue over Delhi until July 25, and increase from July 26.

As for the mercury levels, both daytime & nighttime temperatures will be extreme or quite higher than normal over much of the Western Himalayan region, southern Sikkim and northeastern Arunachal Pradesh until the beginning of August.

2-Day Regional Forecast


  • Scattered thunderstorms are possible over the southeastern end of Rajasthan, much of Madhya Pradesh, southern Uttar Pradesh, northern Chhattisgarh and much of the East.
  • Heavy rains are expected over much of Madhya Pradesh and southern Rajasthan.


  • Scattered thunderstorms are likely over the southeastern side of Rajasthan and western Madhya Pradesh.
  • Very heavy rain has been forecast over southern Rajasthan, while heavy showers have been predicted over northeastern Gujarat and the western end of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Maximum temperatures of 40 degree Celsius or more are expected in the western parts of the Thar Desert.
  • In the morning, dense fog is possible over Trans Himalayas and in the areas at a relatively high altitude in the Western Himalayan region.


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