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PowerColor Radeon RX 7900 XT Hellhound drops to $804, Vastarmor GPU now 15% below MSRP

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Vastarmor Radeon RX 7900 XT for just 6299 RMB, Hellhound at $804

Further price cuts for AMD’s most affordable RDNA3 desktop GPU. 

Vastarmor RDNA3 GPUs are not even one month old, but have already been heavily discounted. The company had only just introduced a card called Radeon RX 7900 XT Starry Sky on February 18th at 7399 RMB ($1075) price, which is in fact the official MSRP for this SKU in China. But not even a month later this card is currently available for just 6299 RMB ($916), after being discounted by another 100 RMB in just a couple of days.

Direct conversion to US dollar is not the best way to explain the significance of this deal, but percentages are. This card is now sold at a price 15% below MSRP.  That’s currently the best deal on RX 7900 XT for Chinese customers, especially those looking for custom RDNA3 GPUs, but let’s remember that reference models are not sold on this market.

Vastarmor RX 7900 XT Starry Sky, Source: JD

However, Chinese gamers should not feel special because massive discounts for this cut-down Navi 31 model can also be found in the US. Just as we reported, the first custom RX 7900 XT from ASRock has already dropped to $799. Today there is another deal on a PowerColor Hellhound card listed for just $804. In both cases, gamers are also getting The Last of Us Part 1 free of charge.

PowerColor RX 7900 XT Hellhound, Source: JD

Unfortunately, there is still no sign of any such deal on RX 7900 XTX flagship RDNA3 model. The cheapest 24GB XTX card is still $200 pricier than 20GB XT SKU.

Source: JD via Expreview, Amazon

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