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Pfizer COVID vaccine 86% effective after third shot – Maccabi

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The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is shown to be 86% effective among those age 60+ after a third dose, according to initial results published Wednesday by Maccabi Health Services.

“The vaccine has again proved its effectiveness,” said Dr. Anat Ekka Zohar who led the study. “It has also demonstrated protection against the Delta variant. The triple dose is the solution to curbing the current outbreak.”

Israelis above 60 years old receive their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at a Clalit health care maintenance organization, on August 08, 2021 in Jerusalem. (credit: OLIVIER FITOUSSI/FLASH90)

The data was based on a follow-up study carried out by the fund’s Division of Data & Digital Health of people who received their third dose at least seven days ago. 

Specifically, the study compared 149,144 members who had received three doses of the Pfizer vaccine with 675,630 members who had received only two vaccine doses in January or February. The two groups were matched for age, gender, socio-economic status and population group. 

Out of 149,144 only 37 people were identified as positive for corona, compared to 1,064 of the two-shot group.

“Three dose vaccine effectiveness is highly protective against both infection and severe illness,” Ekka Zohar concluded. “I urge everyone aged 50 and over who have yet to receive the third vaccine dose to do so, for both their self-protection and the protection of their families.”

So far, more than 1.1 million Israelis have received a third vaccine

On Thursday, the advisory committee for epidemic control and coronavirus vaccines will convene to discuss whether to give people as young as 40 a third dose. The ministry has said that it plans to expedite making a decision on the matter in order to get as many people a third shot before the High Holidays, which start this year the evening of September 6.


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