Monkeypox virus outbreak news and updates live | Symptoms, transmission and new cases in the US


Monkeypox outbreak: headlines

More than 250 confirmed and suspected cases of monkeypox from 16 countries reports WHO

– WHO’s Maria van Kerkhove describes monkeypox outbreak as “containable situation”

– Monkeypox outbreak will not lead to lockdowns, says expert

– Roche develops three test kits able to detect monkeypox

– One confirmed case and four suspected cases in US: CDC

– California health officials announce suspected case in Sacramento County

– US government orders $119 million of smallpox vaccine Jynneos – does it protect against monkeypox?

Moderna starts clinical trials on monkeypox vaccine

– UK’s Health Security Agency confirms 14 more cases in England

– WHO doesn’t see need for mass vaccination, isolation and contact tracing should suffice

Denmark considering vaccinating monkeypox close contacts

Helpful information & links:

– Monkeypox symptoms: fever, malaise, headache, and sometimes sore throat and cough, and lymphadenopathy.

– Everything you need to know about Monkeypox.

– Mokeypox: How does it spread? Does it require sexual contact?

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