BMW says that “the individually tuned axle kinematics and model-specific wheel camber settings, dampers, auxiliary springs, and anti-roll bars optimize steering precision, transmission of lateral control forces when cornering, spring and damping response, and wheel location.”

The car is also 0.3 inches lower than the M4 Comp, while auxiliary springs have been added to each axle along with specially engineered anti-roll bars, four additional ball joints with no play (replacing rubber mounts), and a solid rear subframe. Driving this thing on a bumpy back road (in Sport+ at least) may send you to the chiropractor regularly, but all of this has meant that the M4 CSL has lapped the infamous Nurburgring in just 7 minutes, 20.2 seconds. This makes it the fastest series-produced BMW around the Green Hell ever, and even puts it above some bona fide supercars and hypercars.