File photo: Monsoon rains lash Mumbai, Maharashtra

(SL Shantkh Kumar/BCCL Mumbai)

Wednesday, August 3: After a brief monsoon break last week, wherein sunny skies and warm weather made a comeback in most parts of Maharashtra, statewide rainfall activity is set to resume this week. In fact, heavy showers are expected to drench all Maharashtrian subdivisions over the next five days.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted fairly widespread to widespread rainfall, along with isolated heavy falls (64.5 mm-115.5 mm), thunderstorms and lightning across Maharashtra on the following days:

  • Konkan and Goa: Wednesday to Sunday (August 3-7)
  • Madhya Maharashtra: Thursday to Sunday (August 4-7)
  • Marathwada: Friday and Saturday (August 5-6)
  • Vidarbha: Friday to Sunday (August 5-7)

Furthermore, isolated to scattered very heavy showers (115.5 mm-204 mm) are also expected to soak Konkan-Goa from Friday to Sunday (August 5-7).

Accordingly, Maharashtra’s coastal region has been placed on an orange alert (‘be prepared’ for rough conditions) during the aforementioned three days. The rest of the state will largely remain on a yellow watch (‘be aware’ of local weather situation) for the entirety of this five-day forecast period.

As for the district-level alerts, the IMD’s Mumbai-based regional met centre has issued the following yellow-level watches:

Mumbai, the state capital, will continue to experience light to moderate rains for the next three days. Thereafter, the weather will intensify over the weekend, with isolated heavy rains on the horizon for Saturday and Sunday (August 6-7).

As per the IMD, this fresh rain spell will be caused by the combination of multiple meteorological factors: a shear zone running over South Peninsular India; a cyclonic circulation over west-central and adjoining Southwest Bay of Bengal, off south Andhra Pradesh-north Tami Nadu coasts; and lastly, the western end of the monsoon trough being north of its normal position while its eastern end remains near its normal position.

Meanwhile, the recent break in monsoon activity has resulted in a downward trend in Maharashtra’s seasonal rainfall figures. Between June 1 and August 2, the western state has collectively recorded 682.1 mm rainfall — 20% higher than its long-term average of 566.1 mm.

In the same time frame, Konkan-Goa has recorded 1876.5 mm (1% above average), Madhya Maharashtra 487.1 mm (18% excess), Marathwada 500.6 mm (56% excess) and Vidarbha 672.7 mm (31% excess).


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