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MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Air M1: which should you buy?

Comparisons have inevitably been made between the new MacBook Air M2 and the MacBook Air M1. Is it worth upgrading for those who already own the existing laptop? And for those looking to buy for the first time, are you better off getting the cheaper option or should you spend more for the performance boost?

We answer all those questions in our M2 vs M1 comparison guide. To give you a short answer: it really depends on how you plan to use the laptop. For general everyday tasks and work, then the MacBook Air M1 offers more than enough performance. For more intensive tasks such as video and photo editing – or if you want to play some games – then you’ll appreciate the more powerful M2 chip.

MacBook Air 2022

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MacBook Air M2: our hands-on impressions

So, what do we think about Apple latest’s laptop? Well, TechRadar managing editor Matt Hanson had the opportunity to go hands-on with the MacBook Air M2 at Apple’s recent WWDC event. He came away feeling very positive about the device, praising the design, performance and new display – though there are some concerns about the price compared to the M1 model.

“Our brief time with the MacBook Air (M2, 2022) convinces us that Apple could have another hit on its hands, with a slimmer, lighter design and a big boost in performance thanks to the new M2 chip,” he writes.

“This leap in price is understandable, but it means it feels like poorer value than the older MacBook Air, which is a shame, as one of the best things about the 2020 MacBook Air was its low price and excellent performance.”

Good morning

Hello and thanks for joining me this morning as we prepare for the launch of MacBook Air M2 pre-orders! Since it was announced, we’ve seen significant interest in Apple’s latest laptop here at TechRadar so we expect there’s going to be a rush to buy one when it’s available from 5am PT / 8am ET / 1pm BST.

If you’re here, then I’m making the wild assumption you’re looking to buy one today. My aim is to help you do that. Check out the list of all the major retailers above that I’m monitoring closely in case anyone goes live early. I’ll also keep you updated with the latest news and share all the top insights on the new MacBook Air from TechRadar’s stellar computing team should you need some help decided whether you want to pre-order today.