Leveling Up Your Fantasy Sports Game


A group of three veteran fantasy players, fed up with a lack of control in fantasy sports, recognized an opportunity to introduce an alternative to the stale, non-responsive legacy systems that have failed to provide all the tools and features a player needs to truly manage a team.  They wanted to play the games more like a real coach, with options AFTER the game was started, such as the ability to move players in and out of the lineup for injury, ineffectiveness, or strategy.  They wanted to make the rules.  

YouRulz was born.  

The company has spent the last 5 years architecting, developing, and testing its own proprietary fantasy sports platform that offers unique features that are unavailable through legacy fantasy sports platforms. The company prioritized development of in-game substitutions capabilities as its primary differentiator. After the in-game substitution technology was perfected, the company applied for and was granted not just one but two patents around the feature.   The platform is now ready for launch for the 2021 NFL season

The name YouRulz means just what it says – you make the rules.  With full control over every minute of a sporting event, you decide how to utilize your roster for the best results.  This concept introduces countless new strategic elements into the game – it’s the evolution of fantasy sports as we’ve always known them.  

Live substitutions are not the only revolutionary feature YouRulz is offering.  Leagues can also utilize automatic player replacement, in which the system will automatically replace an injured player with one of their choosing.  Also being introduced is points for pass interference, in which players can collect the yardage that’s awarded to the team for the penalty.  More unique features include:

• Full defensive positions for IDP leagues

• Multi-team trades

• Expanded dynasty league options

• An offline draft tool

• Partnerships with data providers to offer more statistics and projections than anyone else

In another exciting industry first, YouRulz has also implemented the YouRewards program, which actually pays people to play with its own cryptocurrency token rewards program.  

With nearly limitless options, every league will be able to tailor the system to fit the tastes of their particular group.   YouRulz uses sports data from sources such as Sportradar, Rotowire, and Fantasy Pros to offer the most complete, fast, and up-to-the-minute news as possible.  Whether a league wants to play traditional set-it-and-forget-it style, unlimited substitutions style, or somewhere in between, YouRulz has what every league is looking for.  

YouRulz is launching with NFL football in 2021, but future plans include covering every sport, from the NBA, MLB, and NHL to Major League Soccer, PGA Tour Golf, NASCAR, IMSA and more.

Get into the Fantasy Sports game at https://www.yourulz.com