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Leaked Apple Watch Series 7 design looks amazing in this YouTube video

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In just a few weeks, Apple will hold a special media event where the company will introduce a range of new hardware. And while the iPhone 13 will understandably be the main attraction, we can also expect some compelling upgrades to the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Apple Watch Series 6 update last year was admittedly incremental, but this year should see some more notable improvements to Apple’s increasingly popular wearable. We’ll get into the specs shortly, but one of the biggest changes will likely be a slightly new design in the sense that it will boast flatter edges.

A brand new design

Since its inception, the Apple Watch design has been a bit bulbous. With the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple is going for a more refined look. According to reports, the new Apple Watch will boast a flatter form factor. From leaks we’ve seen so far, the new Apple Watch will borrow some design elements from the iPhone 12.

You can view renders of what Apple’s forthcoming wearable will probably look like in the video below. While the flatter edges are welcome, the overall thickness of the watch may be slightly bigger.

Beyond a slightly tweaked form factor, the device will reportedly feature smaller bezels. This will afford users more screen real estate without increasing the overall size of the display itself.

Other Apple Watch Series 7 features to look forward to

The new design aside, the Apple Watch Series 7 will boast a faster processor. Further, rumor has it that the device will have an even longer battery life. If true, this would be intriguing given that battery life on the existing Apple Watch Series 6 is already 18 hours. If Apple could bump that up to 20-22 hours, we certainly wouldn’t complain.

Specifically, reports out of Asia suggest that the Apple Watch Series 7’s smaller S7 chip will allow Apple to include a slightly bigger battery.

We’ve also seen rumblings pointing to new Apple Watch color options. One rumor claims that a new Apple Watch model will be available in green.

Lastly, we’ve also seen rumors indicating that the new Apple Watch display itself will be positioned closer to the glass than in previous models.

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