Job Ads Seek the Vaccinated



The US had a record number of job openings at the end of June, a total surpassing the number of unemployed people looking for work. The difficulty filling jobs hasn’t stopped some employers from adding a job requirement, however. The number of jobs advertised on the Indeed site seeking applicants who have been vaccinated has almost doubled in the past month, the Wall Street Journal reports. Overall, the total is low, but “it’s a trend that’s really taking off,” said Indeed economist AnnElizabeth Konkel. It’s gone from about 50 such postings in early February to 600 in early July and 1,200 in the first week of August. The ads often don’t specify that they’re referring to a coronavirus vaccine, Konkel said, but the context makes it clear.

Fields that haven’t required vaccinations in the past for other diseases are doing it for COVID-19, Konkel said, including accounting, marketing, and software development. Large employers—such as airlines, retailers, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft—have announced vaccine requirements for employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued guidance saying employers are allowed to require the vaccine; incentives also are legal. One labor economist doesn’t expect the vaccine requirement to become universal. “The labor market is tight enough that there will likely be employers who are willing to overlook vaccination status,” he said. The White House coronavirus response coordinator has a different vision. “Through vaccination requirements, employers have the power to help end the pandemic,” Jeff Zients said Thursday. (United Airlines give employees a clear choice on vaccination.)