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Mouths stretched into a wide toothy smile, long pink tongues lolling out, tails wagging madly, and eyes shining with love—that is the kind of reception you’ll receive every time you get home if you have a furry friend. Dogs are unique and take permanent residence in our hearts. They are not just loving but also extremely loyal and fill our monotonous days with joy, love and happiness. Unfortunately, people often forget that this happiness is all around us!

Many potential dog parents visit dog breeders, looking to purchase this happiness, often not realising the implications for the breed dog and themselves. Unethical treatment of animals is a common concern with many breeding centres, while rampant genetic defects usually take a toll on both the animal and the owner.

Indie dogs, on the other hand, are native to the Indian subcontinent. The chances of physical problems are significantly less among them, ensuring a good quality of life for them and avoiding costly vet visits for you. And they are just as affectionate as the other breeds, if not more! Yet, they are often overlooked for foreign breeds.

August 26 is marked as International Dog Day to create awareness about the importance of dog adoption. On this international dog day, here’re seven reasons why you should adopt an Indie:

You will be saving a life

Indies often comprise stray Indian Pariah dogs that roam the streets in search of shelter. They sit around roadside eateries, hoping a generous hawker would throw them some leftovers. They suffer abuse at the hands of passers-by who hurl rocks at these dogs just for existing. Grime, dirt, and disease follow them everywhere they go. Such dogs end up having tragic deaths—sometimes run over by vehicles and sometimes due to starvation.

These dogs deserve the same kindness that we show to house pets. By adopting an Indie, you’ll be saving it from a life of untold suffering and instead give it a fair chance at life.

They are suited to the Indian climate

Indies are perfectly capable of adapting to the dynamic climate of India! Most foreign breeds find the Indian weather hard to withstand and often succumb to the heat. Given how Indies have evolved in India, they are ideally suited to the tropical climate and don’t require air conditioning.

Indies are healthier

Like humans, even dogs are prone to different kinds of illnesses such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, obesity, and many more. The Indie, in comparison, has very few health concerns and is quite hardy. They also possess a very well-developed immune system which means only routine visits to the vet will suffice. All they need is a clean environment, nutritious food, exercise, and lots of love!


Apart from frequent visits to the vet, most foreign breeds require additional grooming as well. An Indie, on the other hand, is pretty low-maintenance. They have short, coarse fur that doesn’t shed much. Remember, inhaling too much dog hair can be bad for your health, too, and that’s precisely what happens with hairy breeds that shed a lot.

Meet Simba; the Indie that captured the hearts of his owners. (Nivashini NP)

Meet Simba; the Indie that captured the hearts of his owners.

(Nivashini NP)

Affectionate and social

Indies are very loving and friendly. They can mix well with people as well as other dogs and generally enjoy having company. These dogs are cheerful and always yapping away, but they are also sensitive to their owner’s moods—making them excellent companions.

They make for excellent watchdogs

While Indies have a gentle and loving side to them, they are also extremely alert and intelligent. Owing to years on the streets, they have a strong instinct to protect what’s theirs. This territorial nature makes them ideal watchdogs. However, once exposed to the right kind of socialisation, they are pretty friendly.

Adoption decreases illegal dog breeding

Viewing dogs as status symbols and commodities helps the unethical and illegal dog breeding business thrive. When we adopt a pet instead of buying one, we are indirectly discouraging unethical dog breeders.

It is heartening to see that more and more Indians are recognising these factors and giving these beautiful dogs a home. Even people who lack resources like time and space are opting for passive adoption. But if you’re still not sufficiently convinced about adopting an Indie: they have the most soulful eyes, and once you look into those dark orbs—filled with innocence and affection, your heart will surely melt into a puddle.

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre, VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital, Animal Aid Unlimited, Posh Foundation and Humane Animal Society are some organisations that rescue animals and allow you to adopt these fur-babies.


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