Pokemon Scarlet and Violet look like a true evolutionary step forward for the series. Not only will the upcoming Switch games transport us to an open-world setting in the newly revealed region of Paldea, but they will let us shape our own adventure within it by moving away from the linear format past games have traditionally followed.

Instead of making our way through towns to reach gyms in a particular order, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will instead take us through “three grand stories” that shape the campaign. While one looks set to pay homage to the traditional tale of going up against gym leaders, there will be no set path dictating our journey. For the first time, it looks like we’ll be able to decide how our own adventure will play out in the world of Pokemon. And as someone who grew up playing the series religiously, the prospect of stepping into a new region where I can choose my path is beyond exciting.

Charting your own course

(Image credit: Nintendo)