How About a Pair of Xbox-inspired Sneakers by Adidas?


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox console, Microsoft has teamed up with Adidas to create a special pair of kicks.

As you’d expect, the design of the Forum Tech sneakers draws inspiration from the hugely successful games machine, with the Xbox logo and a green/black color scheme both included.

A promotional video (below), “filmed and edited to look like a skate tape pulled straight from 2001,” includes footage of Halo: Combat Evolved — a launch game for the first Xbox machine — being played on the original console, with the new sneakers also featuring.

Commenting on its latest promotion, Xbox executive James Monosmith said: “The Adidas Forum Tech design balances nostalgia while embracing modern technology and is symbolic of how we look at our own Xbox history — celebrating the last 20 years and looking ahead to the limitless future of gaming.”

But before you reach for your wallet and yell, “Just tell me how I can get these darn sneakers on my feet,” we should point out that they’re not expected to go on general sale, with Microsoft instead offering the limited-edition design as a contest prize or for giveaways.

The good news, however, is that this is “just the beginning” of Microsoft’s partnership with Adidas, with additional sneaker designs launching over the next few months, all of them inspired by past and present Xbox console generations and some of which will go on general sale.

The new sneakers from Xbox and Adidas. Xbox/Adidas

Gaming giants have long considered sneakers as the apparel of choice for attention-grabbing promotional efforts, with Sony, Nintendo, and Sega having also played the card.

And it’s not the first footwear effort from Microsoft’s Xbox division either, as it also collaborated with Globe to celebrate the release of Halo 4 many years ago, while a partnership with Nike resulted in a pair of Xbox Air Jordans that glowed in the dark.

Not remotely taken by the Xbox/Adidas sneakers? Then how about an Xbox mini-fridge instead?

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