Happy Head Hair Loss Treatment


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Alopecia (the medical term for hair loss) is a surprsingly common problem, affecting about one in every 500-1,000 men and women each year. While its causes are not fully understood, Alopecia is described as a disease in which the immune system attacks hair follicles on the scalp, resulting in sudden hair loss. Whether it be mild or a more exteme case, no one likes to deal with unwanted thinning hair. Fortunately, while there is no cure, there are plenty of effective treatments to help you keep the hair you have and grow back lost hair in some cases.

The most trusted, FDA-approved treatment for alopecia is Topical Finasteride. The drug requires a prescription from a doctor or a dermatologist, but if you don’t have insuriance or just wish to skip a pricey trip to the doctor, Happy Head has you covered. Happy Head is subscription service that allows patients to meet with a dermatolohist vitually to talk about hair loss treatments, allowing you to obtain a prescription for the brand’s proprietary (and customizable) formula of Topical Finasteride, Retinoic Acid, and Minoxidil (a.k.a. Rogaine) and get it delivered to your door. It really is that east. Best of all, right now you can score 50% off your first order when you use the code GOHAIR at checkout.

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