343 Industries confirmed that Assassinations will not be in Halo Infinite at launch because of the inherent gameplay advantages it offers. 343 does say that the team is working on bringing Assassinations to Halo Infinite eventually in a way that makes sense for the sandbox.

During an hour-long Halo Infinite multiplayer preview ahead of this weekend’s test flight, senior mission designer Tom French was on hand to walk through some of Halo Infinite’s toolkit and confirmed that meleeing your opponent in the back won’t result in an assassination.

“[Assassinations] are not in for launch. We actually really love assassinations… but what happens at a lot of levels is people just turn them off because there’s a gameplay disadvantage to it.”

French says the team is taking “a step back” to figure out how assassinations will fit into Infinite’s gameplay loop. And that when they’re brought back they want assassinations to fit right into the sandbox in a way “that really just feels meaningful so that they’re always an accessible tool” but also a flourish moment.

343 says these are some of the considerations the team must make as it works to turn Halo Infinite’s multiplayer into a live service. Some elements must be iterated and will be introduced as the multiplayer grows and evolves.

343 confirmed that this weekend’s technical test is only one of several more to come, with future tests aiming to be much larger. So if you didn’t get in this weekend, you’ll still have opportunities to play before the proper launch.

IGN has a ton of videos and clips from today’s multiplayer preview so check them out on the site.

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor.