Gotham Knights is finally available, but players who got stuck into the adventure over the weekend appear to have come away decidedly unhappy with their crime-fighting experience.

As you probably already know, the open-world Batman adventure was at the centre of an internet poopstorm last week when it emerged the game would be locked to 30 frames per second on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, with no option to sacrifice resolution for an increased framerate.

Unfortunately, those performance issues don’t appear to be isolated incidents. In fact, after all the complaining about Gotham Knights being locked to 30fps, it turns out it often struggles to even hit that.

A detailed analysis from the always excellent Digital Foundry shows frequent framerate drops on console. This is especially surprising, given that the PS4 and Xbox One games were cancelled last year due to the “scope and scale” of Gotham Knights. Certainly, this led many to believe we’d be in for more of a new-gen experience than what we’ve received.

With any luck Warner Bros. Montreal will release updates to address these performance issues before long and help make the overall experience just a little bit smoother. Until then, the lack of a dedicated performance mode means you’re stuck with an unstable 30fps.