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GNOME 44 Release Candidate Arrives With Many Last Minute Changes

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The GNOME 44 release candidate was officially declared today as the last test version ahead of formally releasing the GNOME 44 desktop later this month.

Highlights of the GNOME 44 release candidate include:

Many GNOME Shell and Mutter updates as outlined a few days ago.

– Various fixes to the Epiphany web browser.

– UI and styling fixes for GNOME Builder, a new Swift linter, a new Markdown indenter, and other enhancements to this IDE.

– Polishing up the GNOME Control Center panel redesign to its mouse and touchpad area, moving to more modern CUPS APIs in the printers area, and other refinements.

– GNOME Music has decreased memory usage when running in the songs view.

– GNOME Settings Daemon now defaults to sleeping the system after 15 minutes.

– GNOME Software has fixed a crash when installing a firmware update.

– Many code clean-ups to GDM.

– Many GJS JavaScript additions.

– GNOME Boxes now allows creating VMs without selecting the OS Info operating system entry.

– Folks now uses sysprof for profiling.

– Many translation updates.

Downloads and more details on the GNOME 44 release candidate via discourse.gnome.org.


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