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Saturday, July 9: Mumbai was spared from the torrential rains on Friday, but heavy downpours continued to hammer the Konkan region and other areas of western Maharashtra. In the last 48 hours, very heavy rains and thundershowers lashed isolated parts of Maharashtra, the rainfall activity in Pune, Raigad, Palghar and Ratnagiri having been particularly intense. And the water level in dams in the Pune district and Mumbai city has increased significantly due to heavy rains over the past 48 hours.

Now, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast more precipitation over Maharashtra for the next five days.

As per the IMD, the monsoon trough is active and south of its normal position, and its western end will likely shift north of its normal position during the next 24 hours. Further, an off-shore trough runs from south Gujarat coast to Karnataka coast. And under the combined influence of these systems, the following weather will prevail over the state:

  • Fairly widespread to widespread rains, thunderstorms and lightning with isolated heavy rainfall over entire Maharashtra until next Wednesday, July 13
  • Isolated very heavy rainfall over Madhya Maharashtra, Konkan, Goa on Saturday, July 9, Marathwada on Saturday and Monday, July 9 and 11, and Vidarbha on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday (July 9, 11, 12)
  • Isolated extremely heavy rainfall over Konkan on Sunday and Madhya Maharashtra from Sunday to Wednesday (July 10-13)

Moreover, heavy to very heavy rains are also expected in the state border between southeastern Gujarat and northwestern Maharashtra.

Three day precipitation accumulation from Saturday to Tuesday. (TWC Met Team)

Three day precipitation accumulation from Saturday to Tuesday.

(TWC Met Team)

Accordingly, an orange alert (meaning “be prepared) has been issued over Madhya Maharashtra, Konkan, Goa, Marathwada and Vidarbha for Saturday. A red warning has been placed over Madhya Maharashtra, Konkan and Goa for Sunday and Monday so as to urge locals to “take action” to prevent damage from the heavy rains and strong surface winds.

As for district-level alerts, Pune, Raigad, Palghar, Thane, Satara, Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Sindhudurg, Nanded, Chandrapur and Gadchiroli will be on orange alert on Saturday. A red warning has been issued over Pune, Raigad, Satara and Ratnagiri for Sunday and Monday.

Destruction caused by the rains in Maharashtra

As of Saturday morning, Vasmat taluka in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra had recorded 150 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours. The heavy rains resulted in the flooding of the Asana river in the region on Friday night. And at least 200 residents of two villages in Hingoli district have had to be evacuated as a result.

Meanwhile, over 30 houses were damaged in different talukas of Palghar due to the heavy showers in the last few days. And two men were washed away in the rain-swollen water bodies in separate incidents that occurred in Bhiwandi taluka of Maharashtra’s Thane district, officials said on Saturday.

But despite these heavy rains, Maharashtra has only recorded ‘normal’ rains so far. Between June 1 and July 8, the state registered 321 mm of rainfall, only 7% more than its average for the period (300 mm).


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