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Common mobile charger legislation to be proposed by EU in September

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Diversity in phone charger connectors has been nerfed since 2011, but now the European Union is pushing for a universal solution. The European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, is currently drafting a proposal for a common mobile charger solution, sources have told Reuters. It is expected to be presented in September.

Apple is most likely to be hurt by such legislation. According to a study from 2019, ordered by the EC, a Lighting connector is used in only 21% of phones, with 79% being micro-USB or USB-C. The source did not give any more details on drafting the legislation, but we already know lawmakers at the European Parliament voted in favor of a common charger.

The main reasons for the unification of charger standards are environmental impact and user convenience.

Apple has stated that a universal solution would “hurt innovation” and create “a mountain of electronic waste” if consumers were forced to switch to new chargers. It also stated the industry is naturally moving towards a USB-C solution, so any direct regulation would be unnecessary.



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