It’s only funny until…

(©Deena Sveinsson/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

With just a month to go before the competition closes for entries, organisers of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have released the funniest photos to have entered the contest so far!

Co-founded in 2015 by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, this competition focuses on the lighter side of wildlife photography, while helping promote the conservation of wildlife and habitats through humour.

Furthermore, it highlights a charity working to help champion conservation each year. This time around, it has lent its support to the Whitley Fund For Nature by donating 10% of its total net revenue to the charity.

Now in its eighth year, the free-to-enter Comedy Wildlife Awards has already received thousands of entries from around the world, and the entry will remain open until September 1, 2022.

But while that wait continues, let’s waste no time in checking out the funniest wildlife entries of the year (so far)! Just scroll below to laugh out loud.


(©PF Loke/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

That’s the spot

(©Shelly Perkins/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Itchy Roo

(©Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Spider Tango

(©Tiffany Heymans/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Bad cub

(©Tony Dodge/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Laughing Moose

(©Kerry Singleton/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

What are you looking at

(©Lincol Lin/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Excuse Me, Pardon Me

(©Ryan Sims/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Mom, I’m hungry

(©Yaron Schmid/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Duck coming in

(©Gary Readore/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

The Three Amigos

(©William Parkinson/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

I’m Kidding

(©Sameer Walunj/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Uncomfortable Pillow

(©Andrew Peacock/Comedy Wildlife 2022)

Post Lunch Nap

(©Stuart Malcolm/Comedy Wildlife 2022)


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