Charlie Day, Chris Pratt want to see a Metroid movie


Fans have been talking about it ever since the Super Mario Bros. movie was revealed. Could this upcoming film be the first in a Nintendo Cinematic Universe? Will there be more Mario movies down the line, and could we see Nintendo’s partnership expand into other franchise films? Only time will tell.

Of course, if Nintendo does start crafting movies for their other properties, certain franchises seem like the perfect fit. While Metroid might not be Nintendo’s biggest brand, the translation to the silver screen for Samus and the gang seems like it would be the perfect fit. Turns out some of the Mario movie cast agrees.

Gizmodo had the chance to talk to Christ Pratt and Charlie Day, the voices of Mario and Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. animated film. The duo was asked what other games they’d like to see get the movie treatment should Super Mario Bros. be a hit, and both agreed that Metroid would make a ton of sense.