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The Bird Buddy may look like an ordinary bird feeder, but a built-in camera catches all the bird activity in your yard and sends it right to your phone.

There are over 11,000 different bird species around the world. About 1,100 species are primarily located in the United States, including everything from common sparrows, pigeons, starlings, and others, all the way to more exotic birds like hummingbirds, woodpeckers, vultures, and the national bird, the bald eagle.

While you may not spot many bald eagles hanging out in your backyard, you’d probably be surprised at the variety of species that do land near your front door daily. With the Bird Buddy, you can start cataloging all those winged visitors in an entertaining yet simple way — without ever having to brave the heat or cold. In fact, Bird Buddy is creating the world’s largest monitoring network for birds, producing data sets for scientists to support conservation efforts.

In fact, this crowdfunding phenomenon exploded to more than 75,000 pre-orders because it makes bird watching fun and easily accessible to everyone. All you need is a Bird Buddy, a WiFi connection, and a mobile device.

As a bird feeder, the Bird Buddy helps bring all the birds to your yard, but once they land on the feeder perch, you get a personal bird photo session, too. The unit’s 5MP camera uses artificial intelligence to suss out each bird’s particular variety, gets a brilliant image just inches from your feathered subject, then automatically saves that shot right into the photo album collection organized right on your Bird Buddy app.

The app offers users all kinds of options along with those fantastic up-close pictures of each visiting bird with species recognition. For example, once you’re alerted via a notification that a bird is at the Bird Buddy, you can open the camera features and watch a live streaming video of the bird in real time. And if the moment is just too extraordinary to pass up, users can also engage the camera and snap a bunch of additional images for the album, or share with friends and family.

With the help of the Bird Buddy, users can get an accurate idea of exactly which bird species are in their area, share pictures, and generally cultivate a deeper appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature, even in their own backyard.

After a lengthy development and manufacturing period, thousands of the initial excited fans will finally enjoy the Bird Buddy for themselves, with the first units making their way to customers this summer. Fortunately, Bird Buddy has reopened orders on a limited basis so others can get in on the fun.

Check out the Bird Buddy website, choose the customized options you prefer, save up to 20%, then get one sent directly to you or as a unique gift for a fellow bird fan.

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