Battlefield 2042 players slam DICE over “removed” features missing from the beta


As the Battlefield 2042 beta winds down, players are airing out their concerns with the state of the game. These include a substantial list of features that, while present in older Battlefield titles, are missing from the 2021 installment.

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated FPS titles of 2021, and fans got their first taste of the franchise’s next evolution when EA and DICE held the game’s lone beta session from October 6 through October 9.

Players were excited to get hands-on with the game, but impressions quickly became muddled as they began noticing bugs, gameplay issues, and other problems that led some to believe the title should be delayed yet again, despite DICE’s commitment to releasing on-schedule.

As feedback spread on social media, one thing that many veteran fans began to notice was a lack of features present in previous Battlefield titles — a complaint that quickly picked up steam across the wider community as the list of “removed” features continued to grow.


Battlefield 2042’s beta highlighted numerous missing features from past titles.

On the final day of Battlefield 2042’s beta, a compilation video featuring a plethora of these “removed” features began making the rounds on Reddit, and quickly caught steam with the community.

In their visual rundown, ‘u/GreenyMyMan’ provided numerous examples of gameplay mechanics from previous titles that were absent from 2042’s beta.

The list showcased features such as crouch sprinting, leaning out from cover, setting up fortifications, score tracking, and various animations — all missing from BF2042, and all regarded as core components of the Battlefield gameplay experience.

“Hopefully we see some of these features [come] back, like [the] ‘nearby medics’ [callout] and the score/damage feed,” the post read, seemingly hopeful that DICE would restore at least some of them before release.

While the poster remained optimistic that some of these features might return, other members of the community had a much bleaker outlook on the situation.

Features from older BF games that were removed from BF 2042, hopefully we see some of these features back, like “nearby medics” and the score/ damage feed from battlefield2042

“All they needed to do was create a modern-day shooter with all of these features and the community would have been praising them from day one,” one of the top responses read.

Another player shared a similar sentiment: “They’ve removed or reworked everything we loved and never asked [them] to change. It’s literally right in front of them, yet they remake it all into a s**ttier version.”

“Everything first-person please,” read another sarcastic response that also slammed the devs over these changes: “BFV had this perfected, but they want to sells skins so f**k all the great things.”

While players didn’t hold back with their criticisms, DICE previously stated that the beta build is “a few months old,” so it’s possible some of these features will be present upon release. Fans will just need to wait and see if any of these mechanics are reinstated into the final version of Battlefield 2042.