As the Delta variant spreads across the US, Americans find solace in memes


Things seemed to be getting better in the United States until the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus emerged. While there’s nothing funny about the new strain of Covid-19, Americans are trying to lighten the mood with hilarious memes on how Delta has derailed their plans.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently confirmed the new variant is more contagious, likely more severe and certain people are more at risk including little children. On Friday, the US’s Food and Drug Administration approved a booster shot — a third dose of vaccine — for people with severely weakened immune systems to protect them from the Delta variant.

And while people are in dismay, and some even in disbelief, a new edition of the ‘My plan vs 2020’ meme has taken over the internet.

The newest Covid meme format pairs two pictures: one representing people’s plans and the other the cause of why it was hampered or ruined. The memes, which are sad, yet relatable, are so on-point. Take a look:


Coronavirus cases and hospitalisations in the US are at asix-month high, fueled by the rapid spread of the Delta variant. Hospitalisations rose 40 per cent and deaths, a lagging indicator, registered an 18 per cent uptick in the past week.