Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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As summer ends, harvest moon shines


Although summer may not surrender easily, Friday, in its meteorological and astronomical signs seemed to show that we are inching our way toward fall.

With less than two weeks until the autumn equinox, on Sept. 22, our temperatures seem to be sliding slowly toward autumn.

Washington’s high of 84 was only a degree above average, and Friday morning’s low of 65 was two degrees cooler than average.

That 65 also happened to be the coolest reading made in Washington this month.

As the sun sinks slightly more each day, its rays follow shallower paths, stealing between the branches of trees, illuminating leaves hanging at lower levels, and casting longer shadows.

Although not directly linked to autumn weather, a bright sign of the autumn of our imagination hung in the early morning sky.

Wondrous and transfixing, it was the almost-full moon. When full Saturday it would carry a name that speaks of the end of summer.