Apple’s Big Decision Over Radical MacBook Pro Upgrade


It may not have been announced, but the expectation is that Apple’s radical update to the MacBook Pro will be arriving in the next few months, with the smart money on a mid-October launch and availability starting in November. Now we’re getting our first look at one of Apple’s big decisions… how much demand will there be for the new laptops.

Writing for Digitimes, Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report that production on the two new MacBook Pro models has begun:

“Apple has started volume production for new MacBook Pro, with monthly shipments of the notebooks expected to arrive at 600,000-800,000 units during the period from August to November, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.”

The last year has been a success for the MacOS laptops, with revenue up 16 percent year-on-year.Apple will be hoping that trend continues as it bets big on the new MacBook Pro laptops and a number of key features will shake up the market and tempt Mac owners to switch to the new silicon.

The miniLED display will be the biggest visual clue to the radical nature of the hardware, offering vivid colors and deeper blacks for less batter power. But the uprated ARM-based Apple Silicon system on chip will bring even more power to the Mac platform with the presumptively named M1X chip at the heart of the laptops.

And you can’t look behind the size of the screens. Apple’s last substantive 16-Inch MacBook Pro release was in late 2019, and is sorely in need of an update. As for the 14-Inch MacBook Pro, this is a new screen size, although the laptop promises to be the same effective size as the current 130Inch MacBook Pro by shrinking the bezels to accommodate the larger display.

Tim Cook and his team will be hoping that the new features will keep up the momentum of sales for the Mac platform in general, and the laptops in particular. The final quarter of 2020 – the first with the new Apple Silicon hardware – saw a 1.7 million increase in sales compared to the same quarter in 2019.

Has the demand for an ARM based MacBook Pro been sated with last year’s models, or will the ‘super-cycle’ of sales continue?

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