There have been numerous rumored Apple devices over the years but perhaps the top two most intriguing would be Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ and its mixed reality headset. It looks like one of the two are closer to becoming a final product, as it was reportedly previewed for Apple executives at a recent meeting.

According to Bloomberg, the mixed reality headset made an appearance during a meeting that consisted of Apple CEO Tim Cook, executives, and company board members. This meeting was not specifically for the device, as Apple holds these meetings four times a year. The report also states that the current version of the hardware is powered by Apple’s M1 SoC.

It is said that this is Apple’s next big product

If unfamiliar with Apple’s mixed reality headset, it will offer a mix of virtual and augmented reality. It is said that this is Apple’s next big product. Apple has not had an original product launch in quite some time, instead, it has relied on updated versions of its staple products. Currently, Apple’s sales heavily consist of iPhones, Macs, iPads, and accessories. By introducing the mixed reality headset, it could expand into a completely new world, one that could solidify its space in the years to come.

What makes the headset exciting is that it will not only introduce a new piece of hardware, but it will also debut a new piece of software. The headset is said to feature its own operating system that is being dubbed rOS. Apple has recently been ramping up its development of the OS. While it is unclear at this point, the article speculates that the product could potentially make its debut sometime this year, which is on course from previous rumors.

The headset was supposed to make its debut at this year’s upcoming WWDC

Apparently, the headset was supposed to make its debut at this year’s upcoming WWDC, but due to issues with the product, it will not make an appearance. It is unknown whether this product will be a success, but not one to put its eggs all in one basket, it appears that Apple is also working on a more compact solution, a set of AR glasses that will arrive sometime at the end of the decade.

While the market is pretty sparse at the moment, Meta, Google, Sony, and others are reportedly hard at work to deliver a similar product in the near future.

Source: Bloomberg