Apple profited more from games in 2019 than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo combined


Californian tech giant Apple made more profit from games in 2019 than the three leading console makers, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, combined.

A new report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed figures that were part of Apple’s antitrust trial, confirming that the App Store generated USD $8.5 billion, however, Apple did contest this, suggesting that the figure was somewhat overblown.

Apple has achieved this thanks to its significant 30 per cent cut, which it takes from all purchases on the App Store. The cut is among the largest in the games publishing world, something that Fortnite makers Epic Games want to see change, however, their attempts thus far have been unsuccessful.

During their recent trial over Epic’s desire to reduce the amount of money Apple makes from its in-game purchases, the tech giant pointed out that other platforms like Google’s Play Store use the exact same system. While the Judge agreed with Apple, they did force them to offer other payment methods inside apps that would theoretically circumvent the 30 per cent cut.

This wasn’t the exact result that Epic wanted, and at the time of writing, Fortnite remains off Apple platforms following the lawsuit.

Interestingly, one of the console makers that Apple managed to beat in profit, Nintendo, actually contributes to their success, as Super Mario Run and Pokémon Go are both hugely successful on the platform and feature many in-game purchases.

In other news, the former Retro Studios director of development and producer, Bryan Walker, recently revealed scrapped plans for an open-world Metroid Prime game.